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  • As I sit here drinking hot water with lemon andhellip
  • Happy Sunday Lushies! Since Im still fasting cheers to youhellip
  • I had the pleasure of trying this unique Spanish winehellip
  • TBT to that one time I interviewed fromsunnywithlove about herhellip
  • One of my favorite things about Sangria is that virtuallyhellip



Welcome to The Lush Life by Hazel Grey. We believe in celebrating life, celebrating women and celebrating the LUSH in all of us. We love wine because of how it makes us feel: warm, relaxed, and sometimes a little fancy.

Our core belief is that wine can be incorporated into almost every aspect of your life in a practical and beautiful way. Here, you’ll never find any reviews for wines priced above $20 and you’ll always be able to find attainable tips and tricks to make your life more LUSH.

So take a look around, drop us a note and enjoy The Lush Life.