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Bacchanal Pop-up : Everson Royce Bar

Today, just a few hours ago to be exact, I went to the Bacchanal pop-up wine bar/restaurant at L.A.’s Everson Royce Wine Bar.

I’ve been obsessed with New Orleans-based Bacchanal since 2013. The vibe there is other worldly, and like so many great places in New Orleans when you’re there, drinking a glass of wine under a dimly lit tree whilst listening to a live band…well, you just feel like you’ve been transported somewhere else. In a good way. When I heard that they were coming to L.A. the nostalgic part of me knew I had to go. So I did and it’s worth noting that although it wasn’t the Bacchanal of my dreams, it was still a great time.

There was red, white and rosé on tap as well as a plethora of  yummy food. Hands down, one of my favorite things about Bacchanal is the food. New Orleans is full of rich and delicious meal options but Bacchanal effortlessly bucks tradition and in doing so manages to successfully make food that’s minimal, light and delicious. No easy feat in The Big Easy. Anyhoo I took a few snaps so check it out.

Rosé and grilled octopus nommmmmm.

Oh, I forgot to mention that there were tickets, each ticket bought you a drink OR a food item.

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