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Brunch : Laurel Hardware

I don’t normally post about my brunch excursions as I like to keep this blog wine-focused. Also, it often feels like brunch, and all of the activities that encompass it, is it’s own beast.

But it’s worth mentioning that I love brunch. A lot.

One of my favorite places to enjoy breakfast/lunch is Laurel Hardware. The patio is the epitome of the always slightly out-of-reach California-cool aesthetic and the food is yummy also.

My friend and I got a glass carafe of the blood orange mimosas. Am I the only one who gets excited when I can have a juice besides orange in my mimosa?

Anyways, I also got a massive fried chicken sandwich but I didn’t snap a picture because I don’t wanna be judged. Just know that it too, was pretty good.

Fun fact: This place used to actually be a hardware store and there’s a bunch of small touches throughout the restaurant that pay homage to its previous life. In fact, the store front still looks like a hardware shop from 1956.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, I would totally recommend this gem.


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