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Forget Frosé, It’s All About Friesling!

Ok so obviously we’ve all tried Frosé. If you haven’t then Google it, hint: It’s a frozen rosé cocktail.

Anyhoo I live near a restaurant and butcher shop named Gwen. I was drawn by the name, because it’s sexy AF, but when I called to inquire about the cocktail hour special I learned that they had Friesling, better known as frozen Riesling. Whaaaat? Yes bish, Friesling. I actually never knew Friesling was a thing but I’m so grateful that it is because I actually love Riesling.

So, naturally I went with my friend Jeffery. Lucky for you whilst the bartender was making my cocktail I did something out of the ordinary and paid quite a bit of attention. The result is an easy peasy Friesling recipe for you to enjoy on a hot summer day, with a twist of Lush Life added in. Also, if you’re in the L.A. area Gwen has a special cocktail menu (around $7) that includes a free charcuterie plate for the win.

Friesling recipe:

-1 bottle of late harvest Riesling (sweeter)

-5 ounces of peach or rose infused vodka, you may add more to taste

-A squeeze of lemon juice (half a lemon)

-Ice – you can use 1-2 handfuls; use your discretion


Throw the wine, vodka, ice and a squeeze of lemon into the blender. Mix well for smoothness. Pour into a glass. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


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