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Galentine’s Day : Wine + Friendship

When I started brainstorming content for #14DaysofLove I realized rather quickly there’s more to love than traditional romantic relationships. With that revelation in hand, I started thinking about the love that already exists in my life. Naturally, when I think about the things I love I think of wine. And when I think of wine I automatically think of my friends.

Uncovering the answer to the question “Why do you love wine?” is complicated but I know for sure wine’s appeal lies in how it makes people feel. For most of us wine is associated with positive and communal memories, none of which are necessarily tangible because, well, the best things in life really are free. And I love that.

I fell in love with wine the beginning of my junior year of college.

I shared a Geography class with two girls who I knew socially, and the three of us were struggling. In order to pass we held study sessions in which someone would cook and someone would bring wine – usually Riesling or Moscato.

Those study sessions actually served a greater purpose and somewhere along the way a bond was formed. Over wine, we talked about our families, our dreams and our heartaches long after the last plate was cleared.

By the time senior year rolled around the summer had wiped my memory of Moscato, but like any good love story circumstance brought me back.

One Fall night, after a big blowout with my on again off again boyfriend a close friend, sensing I was upset, told me she was coming over to talk. When I opened the door she stood smiling with the biggest bottle of Sutter Home Moscato in her hands. Relief washed all over me. Not because of the wine, but because of her friendship. That night we heard each other in a real way as we aired out our grievances. We still talk about that night, because it was special. And funny.

Those big boy bottles of Moscato became a staple for my friends and I during that year. I suppose the wine made us feel as if we were becoming adults. In reality we were becoming friends.

These days I’m an actual adult and although I’d rather drink Welch’s Sparkling White grape juice (seriously it’s so good) than a bottle of Moscato, I have a certain level of respect for low-quality wines.

Nowadays wine is still present in my friendships, though the conversations have changed. There are serious discussions about self-care and confessions of healing old familial wounds over bottles of Chenin Blanc or Gamay. The moment, though, is the same – beautiful and full of understanding.

Wine, I suppose, is something I love because I associate it with people I love, and with moments of joy shared over common experiences. For others it might be tradition, a major milestone, a fun event, or even family. The ‘what’ doesn’t matter as much as the feeling.

Certainly we should all celebrate it responsibly, and I do, but while tequila may bring about crazy wild drunk memories, wine speaks to me because it holds sentimental memories in my heart. I’m an emotional person, sue me.

So, this is my Galentine’s Day letter to some of the greatest loves of my life: my friends. You sustained me, you listened to me, and you loved me. I am forever indebted. I love all of y’all! So much. Happy Vday my babies.


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