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I Decided To Detox From Wine, Here’s Why

It’s 9:48 on a Sunday night and I’m sprawled on my couch. Overstuffed with food and drink from what somehow became a four-day Thanksgiving binge. Over the course of one long weekend I managed to consume a variety of delicious junk I didn’t even know I wanted. Things like burgers, whiskey, cookies, oxtails, jerk chicken, eggnog, and lots of sugar.

Speaking of sugar, most of it came in wine form. In four days I cheers with friends over Sangria, cozied up to some homemade mulled wine, toasted to birthdays over Chardonnay, washed the Thanksgiving turkey down with Rioja, and popped open a bottle of Prosecco just because it was a Friday.

So, I’m taking a short break from my pleasure-seeking ways. Five pounds and four days later they don’t seem to be yielding any long-term results.

To know me is to understand I like to practice short and long ‘fasting’ from things I find myself leaning too much on. Occasionally, I’ll turn my phone off and fast from outside communication for a week. A few times a year I fast from sugars, alcohol and meat.

This week I’m taking a break from wine and meat/dairy. If I’m being honest it’s going to suck.

Between a growing national divide, the patriarchy, overt racism, my boyfriend getting on my f*cking nerves, paying all of my parking tickets on time, and arguing with my mom about how to decorate my Christmas tree – sometimes a girl needs a glass of wine and some cheese to take the edge off.

At least that’s how it seems. The reality is I drink more than enough wine. As a wine blogger and general wine lover it can be easy to happily and unconsciously overindulge.

I know you’re thinking “Is this bish serious? There’s no such thing as too much wine.” I get it. However trust me when I say this, similar to the time you ate two burgers, a milkshake and cheese fries in one sitting and lived to regret it – there can always be too much of a good thing.

Whenever I fast, I automatically feel better. My mind is free from clutter, I’m usually focused on the right things and I’m productive AF. What’s more, when I wake up in the morning my mind, body and spirit all feel refreshed.

This week, I’ll be in my kitchen – sitting in front of my laptop, churning out word after word as I always do. Instead of a beautiful glass of smooth full-bodied red wine (drool) there will likely be a mug full of hot tea to accompany my words.

I’m writing this to you full and probably 10 pounds overweight but also excited for this mini-detox in a strange way. I’m excited to reclaim some of my focus; I’m excited for the byproducts of that focus.

Wine is wonderful, and it’s most certainly on my list of favorite things but in the words of an Instagram meme I once liked sometimes you gotta shut down the fun and get to work. I’m ready and more importantly, I’ll be back!

Ed. Note: Oops. In the interest of full disclosure on Monday I had a photoshoot for the blog, forgot I was detoxing and had a few sips of wine. 😩 I quickly remembered myself and I’m back on track, y’all.

Ed. Note Pt.2: I woke up around 6:45a on a Wednesday and wrote my heart out.

Ed. Note Pt. 3: Thursday has been difficult. Very difficult.

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