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I Tried Winc, and Here’s What Happened

Wine clubs are undoubtedly the newest craze amongst winos trendy wine drinkers. I’m not going to bore you with the stats because this isn’t the New York Times but trust me – it’s a thing.

By and large the most popular and aesthetically pleasing wine club is WINC. They’ve mastered the magazine-worthy social media aesthetic while effectively making buying wine a fun experience – which is how it should be. Most of their wines come from California but they do a good job of giving the consumer variety – at a fair price.

Still, I’m cheap. As hell. So paying $48 a month for a few bottles of wine just didn’t appeal to me. Also, surprise, this is a wine blog so I need to keep it fresh and varied at all times.

And then the wine Gods smiled down upon me. A few months ago my former coworker had a box delivered to the office and I squealed: ‘Omg, Winc!’ and proceeded to ask her a million questions. She graciously offered to send me a referral in which 4 bottles of wine would be sent to my house for free if I paid for the shipping. And that’s how we got here. Below, I’ve taken the liberty of outlining my experience with WINC.


Step 1: Shortly after my coworker invited me I received an email from WINC prompting me to take a quiz. The quiz itself gauges your palate and preferences, with questions like: ‘How do you like your coffee?’ ‘How do you feel about salt?’ ‘Do you enjoy trying new foods?’

If you’re freaking out that there’s a test, chill. It’s multiple choice so you’re fine. Just choose whatever answer best describes you. Duh.

Step 2: After your flavor profile has been documented the site asks whether or not you’d prefer to receive reds, whites, or a mix. I signed up for the 4 bottle deal and chose all reds. In hindsight it would’ve been a better idea to at least chose one white to spice things up but whatever I still drank the wine. Please note that you can NOT choose the specific bottles, instead the good folks at Winc choose for you based on your palate and preferences – a.k.a the info from the quiz.

Step 3: After all of that was squared away I put in my shipping info and immediately got a message letting me know my wine was on the way. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize the package required a signature. But make no mistake – the package does in fact require a signature. After three unsuccessful delivery attempts, I had to call and arrange to pick up the wine from a nearby FedEx.  Don’t be like me, ship the wine to your work address. 

Step 4: Um, can we talk about how fun it is to open up a big box of wine?! It’s equivalent to Christmas morning but maybe better because you don’t have to think about other people and the wine selection was a total surprise – the drama! I ended up with three red blends and one Cabernet Sauvignon. Anyhoo the wine also came with the cutest journal featuring an almanac of wine terms and an index of a few of Winc’s red, white, and sparkling varieties. So cute.

Step 5: I got drunk. Kidding. Over the course of a few weeks I drank the four bottles of wine. All of them were slightly better than the $8 grocery store variety, but some fit my preferences more than others. I enjoyed 2 of the 4 bottles that were sent to me, the other 2 I did not. It’s worth noting, though, that when you rate the wines your monthly selections improve. So basically it’s not a spectator sport, and for 40 plus dollars a month it really shouldn’t be. Wine reviews of a few of the wines are coming soon so stay tuned. The fourth wine – my personal favorite – was a red blend (the bottle with the flower) that didn’t make the cut because I drank it before I could take any notes. Just know that it was good and perfect and you should find a way to purchase it…here.

Overall it was a really fun experience and a great way to learn about wine and add some variety to your lush life. A little expensive for my tastes – but if you got it spend it, honey! Also, hit me up if you want me to refer you because I’ll get free wine I’m fairly certain that I’m still a member. Peace.


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  • James Leslie

    June 4, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    I’ve been meaning to look more into WINC for about a year now and I was definitely going to have the wine mailed to my home! Thanks for the review.


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