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Lush Life’s Pour and Pair

A few months ago, I decided to throw a dinner party in honor of this here blog. So I did. And it was very stressful. But, the day came and it was tons of fun. The scenery was gorgeous, the food was delicious and the wine paired with it wonderfully.

I’ll be posting the specifics of the food and wine pairings that I chose – and why – soon. For now enjoy these pictures of me and my loves imbibing and looking fabulous while doing so.

This charcuterie plate was paired with cava, the sparkling wine that you see guests holding. A good meat and cheese plate always gets the job done, no matter the occasion.

Pro tip: Sparkling wine pairs well with almost any food and it’s a great choice for creamy cheeses and salty meats, like the ones above. Try it, you’ll like it.

Lauren serving FACE.

Me, wondering when the food would be ready.

Thanks to everyone who came and stay tuned for the food and wine pairings!

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