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Perfect Pairings : Holiday Dinner Party

During Christmastime I like to ask myself important questions like: Does my family understand I’m truly the best present they’ve ever received? Is the eggnog at great aunt Josephine’s going to be spiked? Am I more excited for the gifts or the food? Will my cousin bring a new girlfriend to Christmas (again)?

By now y’all know I love Christmas and in the true spirit of the season I decided to gather some close friends, host a holiday dinner and pair it with wine, Lush Life style.

There was an awesome spread of traditional holiday dishes like cornish hens, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, green beans, etc. etc. Since this wasn’t a course-by-course meal, the wine pairing was a bit simpler. I basically brought three bottles, one for the cocktail hour and a red and white for the meal – because everyone has a preference. Check it out below:

Prosecco: I’m a firm believer in appetizers and aperitifs. Offering guests a welcome drink is not only polite, it’s also a way in which you can think outside the box and serve something non-traditional that might otherwise clash with the main course. I didn’t make a cocktail because I’m lazy not a mixologist – but I did offer up something cute, easy and festive. Prosecco with a few cranberries sprinkled in. This time around there was unfortunately no Charcuterie plate but if you do decide to serve up a fried or salty appetizer (and you should) then Prosecco or Champagne is the best pairing.

White wine: Strange enough, I’ve been having a love affair with white wine lately. The old me would’ve erroneously assumed pairing a heavy meal with white wine wouldn’t work. The new me understands this: when it comes to hearty meals, if you’re going to bring white wine – make sure it’s full-bodied. For this occasion I chose my newest obsession, a $7 white wine blend comprised of three French grape varietals. I find most white blends to be fuller bodied and sustainable enough to be paired with various types of poultry, but if you don’t want a blend then an oaked Chardonnay will do just fine.

Red wine: This one’s a little easier because in my opinion red wine was basically made for pairing with food. Still, I wasn’t in the mood for anything too heavy as I wanted to keep the party light and fun. I went to the wine store and the clerk helped me choose a really awesome $18 Gamay that was light, fruity, and sturdy enough to pair nicely with the cornish hens we were serving. If you’re not familiar with Gamay you can also try a higher quality Cabernet Sauvignon or even a stronger red blend like this.

Happy Holidays Lushies!


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