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Perfect Pairings : Small Wins and Sparkling Wine

Now that you’ve opened presents, argued with family, hugged it out, ate way too much, whined because you didn’t have a boyfriend to celebrate NYE with, and felt all of the holiday joy possible it’s time to renew yourself. It’s time to celebrate you.

I know you’re thinking to yourself “This chick is nuts, I just celebrated for like two weeks I’m tired.”

To which I’d say, you’re missing the point. I’m not talking about partying just because it’s the season to do so; I’m talking about taking the time to love yourself enough to recognize your accomplishments no matter how small they might be. Hear me out.

On the surface, the idea of celebrating yourself can sound like self-serving, self-absorbed millennial bullsh*t. It can seem silly to celebrate small wins in your life – especially when bigger, and often inevitable, problems are still present.

But if you don’t take the time to celebrate your progress and the beauty which abounds in your life it can be much more difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hell, with that attitude it can be difficult to get through the day.

I realized this a few years ago after experiencing months of what can only be described as consistently tough, soul-crushing times.

Case in point: In 2016 I was flat broke and jobless when my 2001 Honda Accord suddenly decided to die. Ed. Note: A 15 year old car going kaput is never really sudden, but I was still shocked.

At the time the idea of me buying a new car seemed about as likely as someone handing me a check for $100,000 and walking away.

The whole process stressed me out to no end and after a full day of negotiating for a car I desperately needed with money I didn’t have to spend, I called a childhood friend to vent. He listened to me patiently and then said, “You’re getting it done, good job.”

I broke down in tears. To hear a positive affirmation in the middle of a true struggle was a new and life-changing experience. In that moment I realized how important it is to consciously celebrate your progress instead of getting down about your struggles.

His affirmation, while simple enough, showed me that despite how difficult my problem seemed I was in fact getting it f*cking done. The affirmation gave me the strength I needed to continue and with careful planning, God, and a bit of money management I was able to drive off the lot with a nice reliable vehicle that I could afford (🙌🏽).

Looking back I would’ve celebrated the moment more. Not me buying the car, but me taking the steps to make it happen for myself against numerous odds. I would’ve lived in the joy of getting something done against very stressful odds. Most importantly, I would’ve paired my triumph with something festive and bubbly, probably Prosecco.

It’s so important to treat yourself with love and adoration and care first. It’s 2018 and my hope for us, Lushies, is we will love ourselves enough to be our biggest cheerleaders. Life gets in the way of living, making it difficult or even strange to take time to celebrate the small wins in our life – but you absolutely should. External validation can work (sometimes) but depending on someone else is often a sure route to unhappiness. Celebrate you for you, love you for you, and when good things happen, no matter how small, pop open a bottle of Cava, Prosecco or Champagne FOR YOU.

Here’s a list of small wins. When they occur, you should immediately celebrate in whatever way you deem appropriate:

  • Standing up for yourself during a difficult conversation. Badass.
  • Sticking to your savings goal for a month. Cheers to you for sacrificing.
  • Consistently applying for jobs. Dedication deserves acknowledgement.
  • Meeting a deadline. Cheers to getting it done!
  • Clearly stating your needs, and not feeling bad about them. Shoutout to you for loving yourself.
  • Making time to workout. Health is wealth.
  • Writing an awesome cover letter. You killed it!
  • Staying strong during a difficult day. It’s a bad day, not a bad life.
  • Setting goals – and sticking to them. You are goals.

Cheers, you’re the sh*t.



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