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Perfectly Paired : Wine and Convos

Let’s be honest, a glass of wine pairs well with just about any occasion. Long day at work? Exhale with a glass of wine in hand. Dinner with bae? A glass of wine will go well with whatever you’re eating. Girls night? Crack open that bottle, girl.

Today, we’re pairing wine with one of my favorite pastimes – TALKING! Below, are a few conversations that should immediately be paired with my favorite types of wine.

  • Man Bashing. A long time ago I got my heart broken, bought a big boy bottle of Moscato, invited my friend over and proceeded to man bash, laugh, and maybe even cry for the whole night (Hi Mary!). Regrettably I’m no longer 22 and I hate Moscato so instead, pair your heart broken, sh*t talking session with a nice and versatile white like Sauvignon Blanc, if you wanna blow off some steam. You can also pair it with Pinot Noir if you’re feeling a bit more contemplative or want to cry.
  • Talking sh*t about work with your coworker. The workplace has it’s fair share of annoyances. For example, remember the time Steve tried to throw you under the bus during the monthly meeting? Or how about Kathy from accounting, who thinks it’s ok to snitch on you whenever you come in late with a venti iced coffee hand. If you find yourself annoyed with 90% of the losers nice people you work with then there’s no better way to vent than with a like-minded coworker over a glass of wine. You need something hearty and relaxing for this sh*t talking session so I’d recommend whatever full bodied red wine is on happy hour because you obviously aren’t inviting your coworker over after a long day at work. Duh.
  • Gossip sesh with your bestie. There’s literally no better feeling than your best friend announcing she’s got something juicy to tell you. Invite her over and break open a nice bottle of Riesling, like this. The crisp, bright flavors will put you in the optimal state to receive, and react to, the top-notch gossip. Bonus points if there’s a meat and cheese plate because a girl’s gotta eat.
  • Bearer of bad news. First, let’s go over some possible scenarios: Is your best friend acting like a self absorbed c*nt? Are you over a relationship? Did you see your friend’s boyfriend on a date with another girl? Do you need to tell your mom her new haircut is atrocious? If the answer to any of these is yes then you’re gonna need a strong and sturdy wine. If you need to be calm then I’d opt for a Cab Sauv and if you’re planning on flipping tables, a lá Real Housewives of wherever you live, then go for a white wine like Chardonnay.
  • Talking about future plans. I love trivial sh*t as much as the next girl, but you can totes tackle serious topics over a bottle of wine. In fact, I’m 60% sure some of my best ideas came after a glass or two of wine. All you need is the right person, an open mind and a nice Malbec like this one. Malbec goes well with discussing ideas because, in my opinion, it’s serious enough without being stuffy like, say, a Merlot may be.

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