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Terribly Unreliable Wine Review : Little J Red 2015

It’s a new year so I decided to try some new wines. This week, I reviewed a South African wine. Although the region is totes underrated (in life and in wine shops throughout Los Angeles) there are enough wonderful wines from South Africa to make it worth covering and discussing on this here blog. Let’s get into it.


$12 from K&L Wines but you can try to get it for $10 online here.


Hmmm, it smells like it could be a little acidic. If you don’t know what acidic means, don’t worry no one in the wine world does either well, it’s basically a tart sensation in your mouth. Almost a slightly sour taste, usually found on the finish a.k.a the end of the sip. Much like tannins acidity is a complicated term which, when thought about too much, can ruin the whole experience. But just know, if you enjoy a little bit of tartness then you’ll enjoy wines with higher acidity.

Alcohol %:

14% – I see you Joostenberg!

Sweet or dry:

The wine itself isn’t sweet at all which would be fine save for the fact that it also has a not-so-smooth finish which feels quite like an abrupt ending. This particular bottle is a Rhône blend of Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvedre, and mainly Syrah. I love all of those grapes so I’m shocked I don’t love this as much, but it’s mainly due to the finish.


The wine did accompany me while watching one of my favorite movies ever, The Holiday. It stars Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. I also ate cake. So I guess it put me in a chick flick, romantic comedy type of mood. If that’s even a thing.

Enjoy it:

This wine is giving me $7 happy hour vibes. So I’d say enjoy it somewhere social. Preferably a place with food.


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