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Terribly Unreliable Wine Review : You Down With O.P.P.?

I’m currently in Chicago for two weddings, each of them a week apart. To kill the time I did what any good lush would do and found a pretty cool wine shop in Hyde Park. The somm recommended this particular bottle, aptly titled ‘O.P.P.’ which stands for Other People’s Pinot (clever AF). It’s made in Oregon and the producer actually makes a Pinot Noir as well, but it’s really hot so Pinot Grigio was a better choice. I was skeptical at first because I’ve outgrown Pinot Grigio and moved on to the greener pastures of Sauvignon Blanc but, I’m so happy I tried this wine!

You should know that this is by far the best wine I’ve reviewed to date. Obviously I’m excited – but you should be too. Here’s why:

Price: $20. A bit pricey for me hence my apprehension. But worth it!

Aroma: It smells like Pinot Grigio in that there are hints of fruit and a slight crispness sure, but it’s subtle. It has character. This is a good thing.

Alcohol %: 13.2%

Sweet or dry: Funny thing. This wine has an almost buttery taste, which I’ve never not once experienced with a Pinot Grigio. Ever. Still, at the very end the finish is surprisingly sweet. Not in a sugary way but in a fruity way. This is an excellent bottle of wine. Not very green but fruity undertones. In terms of accessibility and adaptability, this is the white wine version of Pinot Noir.

Mood: I felt relaxed, surprisingly. White wine usually gets me charged up (LOL) but this one put me in a good space. A little sleepy, but that could’ve been the night wearing on me. The more I think about it this is the red-est white wine ever. And I love it. 

Enjoy it: You guys, this wine. It’s so perfect you could go anywhere and do anything with it. Seriously. I’d say enjoy it at a BBQ. I enjoyed mine on a back patio as the sun set. Eating pizza. On the south side of Chicago. It was and will always be a great memory and that’s what good wine is all about. That’s the Lush Life. 

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