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Terribly Unreliable Wine Review : Vino Rosato

You guys – it’s officially summertime and I’m so excited!

In keeping with the theme of sunshine and pool time, my newest favorite adult beverage wine is Rosato. I talked a bit about it when I went to Emporio in New York, and it’s been hellishly hot in L.A. so I decided to buy a bottle. I went to Helen’s Wine Shop – a cute little store inside of the popular Fairfax Italian restaurant Jon and Vinny’s and bought a Vino Rosato made by the Luigi Giordano winery.

But more about Italian Rosato: Despite it’s fruitiness French Rosé tends to taste a bit drier, more crisp. Rosato works for me because it’s fruity and, although the deeper hue of pink might not be as pretty as French Rosé, it has less of a crisp green taste and is a little less dry – to me.

Price: $16

Aroma: Smells bright, crisp, and floral – basically like typical Rosé. Hmmm. 

Alcohol %: 13%

Sweet or dry: Dry. This is actually drier than I was expecting. The last time I had Rosato it was fruitier and lacked the crisp/dry characteristics that this one has. Not exactly what I was looking for but certainly not bad.

MOOD: Since I drank this poolside in 90 degree heat, I was ready to float on a swan with my cold glass in hand. Unfortunately I didn’t have a swimsuit so I sipped it with my feet in the water. Kinda the same but not really. 

Enjoy: Random true story – I love red wine so much I tried to freeze and drink a bottle the other night and it was absolutely disgusting. Not to be dramatic or anything but I almost died. Luckily I make poor decisions so you don’t have to, so I’d recommend placing this bottle in the freezer for 20 mins and opening it up on an especially hot day. Enjoy! 

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