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Terribly Unreliable Wine Reviews : Chateau L’OU Catalanes Rouge




A little tart on my nose with some sort of fruit at the end. I like my wines a bit more subtle. This bottle has a pretty strong aroma, but it does smell unique.

Alcohol %:

15%. Which might explain why the aroma was so strong. Nice and sturdy, this one.

Sweet or dry:

This is a red blend of 60% Syrah and 40% Mourvedr√©. The latter is a popular grape to blend with, mainly because it gives wine structure. Definitely not sweet, but it is smooth. The initial taste is all Syrah – peppery, slightly fruity, but the Mourvedr√© smooths it out at the end. I like that it’s a consistent wine. Stronger at the beginning and smoothes out at the finish.


HAPPY! I’m in a semi permanent great mood these days so the wine was a bonus. After glass number two, I felt sleepy. I’d also taken a pull from my MEDICINAL vape pen if that counts for anything. Bottom line: The alcohol content is high so less is more with this one.

Enjoy it:

Well, it’s strong so I’d say enjoy if you’re a grown ass man. LOL or if you’re a grown ass woman. This wine isn’t subtle but it smoothes itself out at the right time. Also, sip it slow. The taste lingers on your mouth for a while so we should assume it’s meant to be savored.

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