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Terribly Unreliable Wine Reviews : Gamay Noir

New year, new wines. In the spirit of all things new I decided to review a wine from a region untouched by my palate – New Zealand. It’s a Gamay, which I thoroughly enjoy, so I figured the man in the wine shop could be on to something with this rec. I also did some research and found out the grapes were grown in Hawke’s Bay which is the second largest wine region in New Zealand. Hawke’s Bay apparently produces some great bottles of Sauvignon Blanc as well. For more on this wine and the TeMata Estate click here. Even if you can’t try this wine, Lushies, you can make it a point to try a different bottle of wine or grape varietal this month. I hope you do 🙂


$15 to $16 at K&L  wines.


Rich and fruity.

Alcohol %:


Sweet or Dry:

Dry. The wine itself has an almost spicy/smoky flavor underneath it, which I found to be both unexpected and pleasurable. In true Gamay fashion it’s also pretty much bursting with fruit flavors, which I found comforting. It’s a lovely wine.


This may sound cliche but considering I drank a few glasses after an especially relaxing spa treatment, I was sleepy. I had it again the next day and it put me in a laid back and social mood, which is saying something considering there was no one around except for my dog. The fruitiness of the wine brightens it up, which in my opinion contributes to an upbeat mood.

Enjoy it:

I’m envisioning you drinking this in the park on a sunny spring day with a picnic lunch you’ve packed. This is a social wine so you could also gather up some friends, turn on some chill music, make a big meal, and a charcuterie plate. Live your best life.

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