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Travel : Chile’s Indómita Vineyard


This week’s post is brought to you by guest contributor Jelisa Nicole. 

Recently I trekked to Chile for a few days, and on my second day, like the true lush I am, I found wine.

Somewhere between Santiago and Valparaiso, we stumbled upon the the most beautiful vineyard ever in the Casablanca Valley. We’d just finished a 7 hour tour, but even though we were exhausted we knew we had to stop at the vineyard. It was that beautiful.

The staff wasn’t the friendliest but the wine was what I needed so I had to deal. We’d arrived past their closing hours so that may have had something to do with it, but what happened to doing it for the (wine) culture?

Anyhoo, in the limited amount of time I had I was able to pull off 2 wine tastings consisting of Chardonnay and Carignan, a medium bodied red that’s well known in France but apparently made it’s way to South America. Both very satisfying.

Fun fact: Chardonnay happens to be one of the primary grapes produced in the Casablanca Valley and Carignan, from the Maule Valley which is the country’s oldest wine region, has become recently popular as a result of The Chilean Wine Revolution. Where do we sign up, right?

The property gave off estate vibes and had photo ops at almost every corner. It’s worth mentioning that we actually passed by many vineyards but it was the big white letters, similar to the Hollywood sign, that read “Viña Indomita,” which served as our bat signal. I know, so American.

All in all, I was just happy it led to two amazing glasses of wine and these pretty pics  before they literally kicked us out. Cheers to Chilé!


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