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Why You Should Stop Drinking Champagne and Start Drinking Sparkling Wine*

The other day I read a really cool op-ed in the New York Times on why natural wine is pretty much the worst and most overpriced version of wine ever (paraphrasing – obvi). And then I channeled my inner Carrie Bradshaw and got to thinking.

This blog is all about living a lush life and enjoying wine, but it’s also about making those things accessible. Too often in life some of the best things are marketed as the most expensive or least attainable – and what better example of that then Champagne?

Here’s the thing: wine snobs, rap videos, movies, television, and high end advertisements have all marketed Champagne as the premier alcoholic beverage to accompany the luxurious lifestyle that most of us aspire to. If you’re gonna be on a yacht with a crew of 40 people then you most definitely need to have a full supply of weed Bollinger on hand. I get it.

But considering most people don’t own a yacht and they usually drink wine that costs $8.99 a bottle, the fantasy yacht life, in the grand tradition of most fantasies, isn’t always realistic. The fact of the matter is unless it’s your wedding day you don’t need to buy a $40 bottle of Moet – or any other champagne. It’s just not that deep.

Luckily I’m an optimist who believes that you don’t need to miss out on the fun of a carbonated alcoholic beverage in a Champagne glass. And thus, the perfect workaround is here: sparkling wine – not made in Champagne, France. That’s right, now you can drink $12 sparkling wine on a 300ft yacht! Kidding, if you can afford a yacht that big then you should definitely splurge on the good stuff, Beyoncé.

So stop what you’re doing right now and put down the high-priced Veuve (my personal favorite) and pick up a nice $12 bottle of sparkling white wine made in Italy or America. Here’s why:

  • It’s probably cheaper. Not to be redundant but good champagne is like a minimum of $40! Again, if it’s not a special occasion then why spend that much when you can get a nice bottle of Prosecco for $16?
  • You’ll get less of a headache. I love champagne, but it has a bit of a bite. Sparkling wine doesn’t pack quite as much of a punch and you can usually get an even higher alcohol % which, if you’re being honest with yourself, matters a great deal.
  • You can still drink it in a flute. Bubbles are made for Champagne flutes and Champagne flutes make you feel celebratory and fancy – even if you’re only drinking it on a Wednesday night on your couch in a red and white onesie.
  • You can still pop the top! Speaking of feeling celebratory, don’t you just love the sound of a champagne bottle popping? Crazyyyy story but you can do that with sparkling wine too! For less money.
  • Sparkling wine still has bubbles. Because isn’t that the best and most important part?

So there you have it. The next time you’re in the mood for champagne, which is all the time, save $15 by buying a bottle of Cava, Chandon or Prosecco and get the party started.

*Disclaimer: For those of you thinking, ‘But champagne is sparkling wine!’ – I know. For those of you who don’t know, Champagne is a type of sparkling wine – but because champagne must come from Champagne, France not all sparkling wine can be called champagne. 🙄



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