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Wine Review : Cherry Blossom Pinot Noir


$3.99 for the WIN at Trader Joe’s. Seriously, the only reason you can be mad at a $4 bottle of wine is if it tastes like complete crap. Which, if you have my palette, is a pretty difficult feat.

Love at first sniff

One of my favorite things about Pinot Noir is the aroma. I can usually catch a whiff before I even taste it. Usually, it smells slightly sweet and warm without being overbearing. This bottle was no different. I was happy before I even took a sip.

Alcohol %

13.5%, which seems pretty standard for this variety.

Sweet or dry 

 In my expert opinion (a cheap wino) it’s definitely not super dry or sweet, and that’s why I like it. But it definitely has sweet undertones, meaning that it hints at being sweet much more than it is actually sweet. Passive aggressive, I know.


After two glasses I primarily felt happy. Especially considering that my last cheap bottle of wine from Trader Joe’s was a disaster. Sidenote: If you happen to stumble across a glass of wine that doesn’t make you happy then something is terribly wrong. Run. Get out of there.

Enjoy it

While having a conversation with friends. Also, the sweet undertones could make it excellent for pairing with something sweet but not overbearing, like oatmeal scotchies. I may have tried that combo this past Saturday but I really can’t remember because I also ate a lot of edibles (I have a prescription, swear). Anyways, just try it.

*shoutout to my awesome manicure in this pic*


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