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Wine Tip : How To Make The Most Out Of Readymade Sangria

Sangria is perhaps the most fun adult beverage ever, second only to margaritas. Obviously then, it’s no surpirse that beverage companies would decide to package all that fruit and wine goodness up and sell it to you for $8.99.

Candidly, I’d like to be the first to admit that sometimes readymade sangria misses the vibrant freshness present in homemade sangrizzy.

Still, sometimes bottled sangria happens. Someone brings it to your house party, you were too busy to make sangria from scratch, you visit a friend and that’s all they have, etc. etc. Lucky for you, I’m here. Below are three quick and easy ways to punch up store-bought sangria. You’re welcome.

  • The freezer is your friend. Don’t serve it at room temperature. I don’t care what the label, your mother, or the wine clerk told you. Chill the wine. Bonus: A cold bottle of sangria requires a little less ice – which means less chances of your drink being watered down. Gross. So chill the bottle, go easy on the ice and move on to the next step.
  • Spike it. I know you’re thinking “Bish how can I spike an already alcoholic beverage?” SMH amateur. But you can. Pay attention to the type of sangria you’re dealing with – red or white, the spices and flavors – and add a spirit like rum or brandy. You could even add liquor like Grand Marnier accordingly. I poured some Prosecco into this peach sangria from Bass Note and it added a dimension of flavor that would’ve been otherwise missing. Figure out what type of alcohol pairs well with the sangria, and add a pour or three.
  • Taste the rainbow. Sangria’s not sangria without fruit so make sure you add some. Wine and fruit go exceptionally well together for obvious reasons, so go crazy. Chop up strawberries and oranges. Squeeze the juice of a lime or lemon. Again, identify the current flavors in your sangria and go from there. Hint: a fresh squeeze of orange juice goes with well with almost all sangrias.

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