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Yum : Osteria La Buca

I recently became half a vegan. A few updates on that: it’s extremely difficult and there’s no such thing as delicious vegan cheese so, whatever, I had a cheat day.

I decided to stuff myself with processed meats and cheese that will ultimately kill me go to my most favorite Italian restaurant Osteria La Buca and get it crackin.

The restaurant itself is moderately priced and for lunch you can get a $10 glass of red wine, which isn’t really a deal now that I think about it but whatevs. When I went the special was Chianti (key-an-ti) and I also got a house made sausage, ricotta, garlic confit, and green onion pizza. This isn’t a food blog so I’m not really sure what confit means and I’m 100% not Googling it – but garlic is always a good idea. Use your context clues, people.

It was yummy, and I ate all of it, but if you’re coming here I’d recommend the Crispy Brussel Sprouts (they have egg AND cheese), the Pork meatballs (dinner only), or the Pappardelle Bolognese instead. The pizza was good but I felt that the Ricotta made it a bit drier than I like. If you’re vegan don’t ever come here, you’ll cry.

The Chianti was pretty standard but to be honest I’m not the biggest Chianti fan. Sometimes the acidity mixed with the tannins are just too much for me. By now y’all know neither one of those qualities are my particular jam.

Anyways I smashed the pizza, reveled in all of my meat and cheese glory, and drank my glass of wine until the last drop.

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